Container Logic SRP's Leasing Info


Container Logic SRP’s rental program provides customers with low monthly payments for terms from six (6) to twenty-four (24) months. Scaled based upon the term of the contract and designed with our customers in mind, our rental rates provide an economical solution for quality containers.


For customers desiring to own state-of-the-art containers, while keeping the liability of their books, Container Logic SRPs rent-to-own program is the solution. Offering terms up to 8 years, monthly payments reduce the cost of the container over time allowing for purchase.   Tailored to satisfy demand, our monthly payments and buy out options are designed to strengthen your business as it grows.

Outright Purchase

Container Logic SRP offers our customers a competitive price for outright purchase of containers. Strategically maintaining inventory allows us the ability to deliver the containers in a prompt and reliable manner. Though our containers are designed to suit most needs, we do offer purchase of custom designs. Whatever your need may be, we will work with you to satisfy it.

Container Parts

Through (CPcom) we offer a complete range of parts for our stainless steel containers. From clean in place (CIP) lids and racking arms to washers and gaskets, parts are approved by our manufacturers for use in your application.