Beer Containers

Container Logic SRP’s beer containers are designed with the brewer in mind. Manufactured to be working containers, these tanks allow for flexibility in the brewing and fermentation process. Features include – easily accessible manway for adding ingredients and cleaning (with CIP or pressure wash), pressure relief valve (PRV) on lid and cone, tri-clamp ports on the lid and body for adding racking arm, temperature tube, and other accessories as well as a 2” butterfly valve in the center of the 60° conical bottom which is ideal for harvesting yeast. With options including Single Wall, Jacketed/Pillow Plate, Jacketed/Pillow Plate and Insulated and with pressure ranging from 15 psi to 100 psi our containers are built to suit your needs.


Uses include (but not limited to):


Brite Tank


Serving tank


Yeast propagation tank (Propagator)


Test batches


Liters Gallons Barrels Diameter x Height
200 52 1.7 22" x 56"
450 119 3.8 32" x 58"
675 178 5.7 32" x 76"
900 238 7.6 40" x 68"
1125 297 9.5 40" x 80"
1350 356 11.5 45" x 77"
2100 555 17.8 56" x 80"


Type Description
Single Wall

A single wall of stainless steel, excellent for aseptic tank, bright tank or product that is stored in cooler or is not in need of temperature control.


Double wall of stainless steel with laser welded pillows between jackets, ideal for glycol, steam, water or other temperature controlling fluids to be pumped between walls.


Tanks with jacket are also available with a third stainless steel wall which has insulation between it and the jacketed wall. This provides for better temperature control and eliminates sweat issues..

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